Gillian Lee Durham
ESL Instructor
B.A. English, 1995, Elon University
M.A. Applied Linguistics, 2005, Old Dominion University

About Me
I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, but I have not spent my whole life here. I went to college in North Carolina and studied in London. Soon after I received my undergraduate degree, I moved to Australia, where I lived for about 4 years (I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and Australia). I did all kinds of exciting work there. I sheared sheep, dealt Blackjack in the Sydney casino, and sweated under the hot outback sun in the vineyards alongside travelers from all over the world. I also spent a year in Japan, teaching English to students of all ages – from 3 years old to 73! If you want to hear a good tale about cross-cultural miscommunication, just ask me to tell you the “Snake Story.” In fact, I have quite a lot of snake stories for some reason. I left Japan because I wanted to learn more about being an effective ESL teacher, so in 2001, I returned to the U.S. and began studying for my graduate degree in Linguistics at ODU. So here I am at TCC, teaching YOU, and enjoying every minute of it. I can’t wait to hear YOUR story (I bet it’s a good one). My interests include yoga, film, cooking spicy food, and checking out this amazing planet we live on. If you know a good vegetarian recipe, stop me and tell me about it.

Gillian Durham and Students